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Title: Goldfish
Paper: 21 x 8.7 cm printer paper (this is the paper that is left from an A4 after you cut out a square).
Created: December 2017

Back to basics for the last model of the year!


My Little Hero or My Mother, my Heroine

Title: My Little Hero or My Mother, my Heroine
Paper: 33 x 363 cm uncut sheet of sketch paper
Created: August 2017

When thinking of the people who inspire me the most, my parents immediately come to mind before anyone else. From a mother who is her son’s heroine, to the son who is his mother’s world, everyone can be a hero.

Folded for the Paper Heroes exhibition 2017.


My Little Hero or My Mother, my Heroine


Deer Head

Title: Deer Head
Paper: 33 x 168 cm uncut sheet of sketch paper
Created: April 2017

Variation on the Doe Head with antlers.

The antlers hold thanks to wet-folding. The paper is very thin, and once dried, holds very solidly.

Deer Head


Doe Head

Title: Doe Head
Paper: 33 x 66 cm uncut sheet of sketch paper
Created: April 2017

I never noticed that before folding this piece, but does really have huge ears!

Similarly to its companion piece, the Cheetah Head, this model is based on box-pleating, except for the eyes. Glue has also been used to close up the model on the sides.

Doe Head

Cheetah Head

Title: Cheetah Head
Paper: 33 x 103 cm uncut sheet of sketch paper
Created: January 2017

I originally wanted to do a full cheetah in box-pleating, but was never satisfied with the lack of details of the head. I then decided to experiment on the head alone, and it proved more of a challenge than expected!

The model was fully based on box-pleating. The fangs and ears still are, but the eyes are now inspired by the amazingly expressive way Daniel Chang makes the eyes of his masks.

I wanted the model to be viewable from any angle, so a liberal amount of glue has been used to close it up, instead of hiding the locks and leaving a dead view angle.



Lurking Menace

Title: Lurking Menace
Paper: 30 x 30 cm tant
Created: May 2016

This model came to me after the Origami Deutschland 2016 meeting in Erkner. In a sense, it is inspired from Alexander Kurth’s work, especially his Guardian of the Last Geometry, and is mixed with my 4 Mice to create a combination of formal origami and a more flowy, intangible menace.

I would have preferred making the cat even more of a shadow, but this is the most I could do without actually wet-folding the model.

I will teach this model at the OUSA meeting this summer. Looking forward to it!

Lurking Menace

The Beanstalk

Title: The Beanstalk
Paper: Three rectangles of sketch paper (33 cm x 2 m, 33 cm x 1 m and 33 x 25 cm)
Created: April 2016

The beanstalk from Jack and the beanstalk (after having been cut down). The stalk is made of crumpled paper, hardened with water. I got the idea when making the mushroom, and applied the same technique to get the beanstalk.

The model is made of three different sheets, but could have been made by using a very long one. There would not be a clean cut for the main part of the stalk though. Also, getting the width right is quite challenging, as wetting the paper makes it much thinner!

Folded for Origami Deutschland’s 2016 competition on the theme Fairy Tales. It is part of the larger scene 13 Tales.

The Beanstalk